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We are proud to serve our traditional Pakistani & Indian Food with selected blends of special spices


An enticing start to a delicious meal and a delicious prelude to the main course.


Chicken Seekh Kabob (2pcs)

Ground Chicken with Herb & Spices / Slow cooked on Grill


Black Gram flour / Rice Flour / Spices


Ground Meat with Traditional Spices


Chick Peas / Crushed Papri / Chopped Onion /  Tomato / Selection of Spices


Crispy pastry shell filled with Veg / Chicken

SHAMI KABAB (2 PCS) - 4.49

Ground Meat mixed with Lentils and Spices


Vegetable filled crispy pastry / Chick Peas / Tomato / Onion / Dipped in Tamarind Sauce and Yogurt


Ground Meat mixed with variety of spices


Cucumber / Lettuce / Reddish / Onion / Carrot / Feta Cheese and more

biryani and rice

Our popular dish made with aromatic basmati rice, meat (such as chicken / lamb), or vegetables, and a blend of spices.


meat biryani

Our Meat Biryani is popular dish, made with aromatic long grain basmati rice, tender lamb, and a blend of spices

chicken biryani (boneless) - 7.99

Aromatic Basmati Rice / Tender boonless Chicken / Blend of Spices

vegetable biryani - 5.99

Aromatic Basmati Rice / Variety of vegetables / Blend of spices

chicken pilau rice - 7.99

Aromatic Basmati Rice / Tender boonless Chicken / Blend of Spices

pilau rice - 3.49

Aromatic Basmati Rice / Cumin Seeds / Hint of Spice

meat biryani - 8.99

Aromatic Basmati Rice / Tender Lamb / Blend of Spices

plain rice - 2.99

Plain Boiled Basmati Rice

chicken curries

Chicken curry is a popular dish that consists of chicken pieces cooked in a flavorful sauce made with a blend of spices, herbs, and other ingredients. The dish is typically served with rice / naan bread


chicken qorma

Chicken cooked in a creamy, mildly spiced sauce. With bone-in chicken pieces and is slow-cooked to develop deep flavors.

butter chicken - 8.99

 Marinated Chicken pieces cooked in a rich tomato-based sauce

chicken qorma (karachi style) - 8.49

Tender chicken cooked in a tomato gravy with aromatic spices

chicken ginger - 8.49

Chicken and Ginger cooked in our special spices

chicken vindaloo - 8.49

Chicken Vindaloo is a spicy and tangy Indian curry dish. It is known for its fiery flavors and a combination of vinegar, red chilies, and aromatic spices.

Murgh cholay - 8.49

Tender chicken pieces with chickpeas in a flavorful and spicy gravy

chicken karhai (with bone) - 8.49

 Chicken in a thick and aromatic tomato-based gravy

chicken qorma (mild with cream & coconut - 8.49

Tender chicken cooked in a rich and creamy gravy, coconut with aromatic spices

chicken madras - 8.49

Chicken cooked in vibrant red color and a combination of aromatic spices. 

chicken tikka masala - 8.49

Grilled or Roasted chicken pieces in a creamy and flavorful tomato-based sauce

chicken bihari curry - 8.49

 Rich blend of spices and tender chicken. Originate from Bihari region in India

chicken daal karhai (mash or chana)- 8.49

Tender Chicken / Lentil Mash or Chana / Karhai Style Preparation

chicken curry - 8.49

Chicken pieces cooked in a flavorful gravy made with spices and herbs

chicken achari - 8.49

Chicken cooked in Achari Masala. Tangy dish

chicken saag (spinach) - 8.49

Chicken with spinach (saag). It is a flavorful and creamy curry made with a combination of spices and leafy greens

Lamb curries

Lamb curries are popular and delicious dishes in various cuisines, including Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines. The rich and tender flavor of lamb pairs well with a variety of spices and ingredients


Lamb Karhai (on the Bone)

Lamb Kadai, is a flavorful and aromatic dish made with tender lamb pieces cooked in a spiced tomato-based gravy

lamb curry - 8.99

Rich and tender flavor of lamb pairs well with a blend of spices

lamb ginger - 8.99

Tender lamb meat with the aromatic and zesty flavor of ginger

lamb bhuna - 8.99

Tender lamb pieces with a blend of spices, onions, and tomatoes until the flavors meld together and create a thick, luscious gravy.

lamb saag (spinach) - 9.49

Tender pieces of lamb with spinach (saag). Nutritious curry made with a blend of spices and fresh greens

lamb madras- 8.99

 Rich and complex flavors, combining tender lamb with a variety of spices and a hint of tanginess

lamb daal karhai (mash or chana) - 9.49

 Hearty dish that combines tender lamb pieces with lentils (daal) cooked in a karhai-style preparation

vegetable curries

Vegetable curry is a versatile and delicious dish that can be made with a variety of vegetables and spices. It is a popular choice for vegetarians and vegans, offering a flavorful and nutritious meal


mix vegetable curry

This Curry is a flavorful and vibrant dish made with a combination of various vegetables cooked in a spiced gravy.

tarka daal - 5.99
bombay aloo - 5.99
chana daal - 5.99
chana masala - 5.99
maash daal - 5.99
saag aloo - 5.99

Grill & BBQ

Our Grill & BBQ is known for its rich, smoky aroma and charred, caramelized exterior, which adds depth and complexity to the dishes


paratha Roll

Choice of Chicken Seekh Kabob and Lamb Seekh Kabob

lamb seekh kabob roll - 5.49
peri peri chicken leg - 5.99

Choice of Naan, Rice or Fries

chicken seekh kabob roll - 5.49
Tandoori chicken leg - 5.99

Choice of Naan, Rice or Fries


Our Burger patty is typically made by shaping ground meat into a round or oval shape and then grilling, pan-frying, or broiling it until cooked to the desired level of doneness


chicken steak burger

Extra 30P for Cheese

chicken nuggets and Fries (6 pcs) - 4.99
fries - 1.99
masala fries - 2.49

Naan Breads

Our bread has a soft, fluffy texture and is often brushed with butter or ghee (clarified butter) to add richness and flavor. It is usually served warm and is a popular accompaniment to soak up sauces and flavors from main dishes.


peshawari naan (sweet)

Peshawari Naan is a popular and flavorful variation of naan bread. It is known for its rich and indulgent taste, making it a favorite among naan enthusiasts

tandoori roti / tandoori naan - 0.99
sesame naan (kulcha) - 1.99
garlic chilli naan - 2.89
qeema pratha - 3.99
tawa roti - 1.29
garlic naan - 2.59
paratha - 2.89
qeema naan - 3.99
butter naan - 1.49
chilli naan - 2.59
aaloo paratha - 3.19


Desserts can provide a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, especially when you have a sweet tooth. They can be a rewarding way to end a meal and satisfy your craving for something sweet.


gajar halwa

kheer - 3.99
gulab jaman - 3.49
halwa - 3.49
zarda - 3.99


Having a drink after a meal can have several potential benefits but enjoying a drink after a meal can be a social activity, providing an opportunity to spend time with friends or family


mango lassi

Mango lassi is a popular drink made from ripe mangoes, yogurt, sugar, and sometimes a hint of cardamom or other spices. It is a refreshing and flavorful beverage

soda cans - 1.10

Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, 7up, Fanta

water bottle - 1.20 - 2.99
mango lassi jug - 9.99
soda bottles - 3.49

Coke, Diet coke, Sprite

lassi (sweet / salty) - 2.99
soda bottles - 3.49
juices - 1.49

Apple, Orange, Tropical, Fruit Shoot

Lassi jug - 8.99
juices - 1.49


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